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 Specialist Help and Treatment for Eating Disorders in Dublin

Eating Disorders Treatment Center



 Specialist Help and Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Treatment Center


Tel:(01) 839 6147  Fax: (01) 839 6959




At Lois Bridges our team consists of specialized practitioners in eating disorders from psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, medical, nursing, social work, family therapy and dietetic fields.


Our wealth of knowledge and understanding in treating this illness is distinct upon arrival at Lois Bridges.


Full recovery from an Eating Disorder is possible with the correct support and treatment. All we need from you is honesty and a willingness to open yourself to what recovery has to offer.




Our team are dedicated to crossing these difficult bridges with you.



From the Team

Dr Máire McLoughlin - Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr. McLoughlin did her Medical Training at Trinity College,Dublin and carried out her Psychiatric Training at St. Patricks’ University Hospital, Dublin and at the Royal Ottowa Hospital, Canada.

On returning from Canada she worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Tutor in the Mayo Mental Health Services, before taking up a position as a Community Consultant Psychiatrist in the Clare Mental Health Services, where she worked for over 25 years. With the Clinical multidisciplinary Team she developed community resource groups in liaison with voluntary agencies to replace the traditional day centre model. The day hospital in Kilrush, West Clare was accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for Psychotherapy Training.

In 2002, in collaboration with the local General Practitioners she developed a Community Home-based Treatment Programme and since 2009, working with both West Clare and North Clare multidisciplinary teams as in a “Vision for Change”, she incorporated an assertive outreach element into the service.

She is past President of both West and North Clare Mental Health Ireland and an active member of the Irish College of Psychiatrists Ireland.

Dr. McLoughlin has a special interest in Eating Disorders and will bring her skills as a Family Therapist and EMDR Therapist in addition to her energy, passion and enthusiasm to Lois Bridges Residential Centre and Summerhill Day Service for Eating Disorders.



Harriette Lynch - Consultant Dietician


Harriette Lynch is our Consultant Dietician here at Lois Bridges.Having Completed her BSc in HarrietteNutrition and Dietetics at the University of Chester , Harriette is a Registered Dietitian with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and is also a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional.In 2004 Harriette founded her own health and wellbeing company Lynch Training Systems, this has been developed into, */health/*/pro/, which is now a successful nutrition and exercise consultancy and a platform for non-profit health promotion initiatives in the greater Dublin area. Through her academic and professional experience Harriette is a highly skilled therapist


offering a caring, non-judgemental approach that is focused on achieving long-term dietary change through empowerment and positive reinforcement. She takes a holistic approach to dietary management, thoroughly examining all factors that may impact on an individuals’ capacity to meet their nutritional needs and devises practical solutions that can be implemented in home, work and social settings.



Gerry Kelly - Group Therapist


Gerry joined the Lois Bridges Team in May 2012 . His training is in Gestalt psychotherapy and he is fully accredited member of the IAHIP. Gerry is also a trained group facilitator. GerryWhat he likes about the Gestalt approach is how the therapist tries to be present to the client and brings herself/himself into the work, thus developing a trusting, supportive relationship . He particularly likes how Gestalt Therapy strongly encourages the client to take responsibility for making changes in their life and how it encourages them to tap in to their own resources and their own inner strength, thus empowering them. He believes that the answers always come from within.


Gerry has also trained in Family Systems and this greatly facilitates holding in his awareness of the client’s family of origin in a non-judgemental way. This is always invaluable in helping to see the client in the context of their family system and thus the bigger picture. This family systemic work can facilitate rapid insight into a clients beliefs, values, attitudes and gives valuable clues about their learned interruptions and blockages which may now be stopping them from living a full life.

Gerry likes the idea that a therapist should look at their client as if they have a golden centre, a precious place where the hidden person inside is a healthy, functioning , normal human with a bit of the divine enfolded in their being. Seeing the person behind the disorder is where the challenge and excitement is for a Gestalt therapist.

Gerry also runs a private practice in wicklow, Co Dublin.



Maeve Toomey - Art Psychoterapist


Maeve Toomey is an Art Psychotherapist. She was delighted to join the team at Lois Bridges in June 2013.

Maeve’s areas of interest and experience includefacilitating art psychotherapy services in a variety of settings for young people and adults with eating disorders, as well as providing therapy for children,adolescents and families in educational and fostering environments.

Maeve has many years experience of working in mental health settings with adolescents and adults and hasin the past worked as a psychotherapist with Fostering First Ireland and with several School Completion Programmes.

Currently, alongside her work at Lois Bridges, Maeve continues to work as a visiting lecturer with the Art Therapy Dept. in C.I.T., Cork and with the Blue Box Creative Learning Centre in Limerick, which provides creative therapy services for children and adolescents in Limerick city.

Maeve completed her MA in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 where her clinical dissertation subject was on art therapy and eating disorders. After qualification Maeve worked for two years as the art  psychotherapist on the inpatient units at the Huntercombe Hospital in Staffordshire, U.K.

Where she provided individual and group therapy services for adolescents and young adults with eating disorders.Through her work as an art psychotherapist Maeve has seen the effects of trauma on development and the reparative value of creative therapeutic interventions.

She believes in the healing power of artmaking in a supportive therapeutic environment and has seen how  this can allow clients to have time and space to consider their individual life stories as well as to access  and understand unconscious material through the process of image making.  Maeve is registered as a member of IACAT (the Irish Association of Creative Art Therapists) and abides by  the organisation’s professional code of ethics in her work.


Zuzanna Gajowiec - Clinical Psychologist, Family Thearapist


Zuzanna Gajowiec - Senior Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and EMDR therapist. She is a member of PSI, FTAI, ICP and EMDR Association UK& Ireland.

Joined Lois Bridges team in 2013. Works individually with clients and

provides group programmes for clients in primary and outpatient care.


Zuzanna's work ensures both systemic and individual approach to assisting

recovery, raising self- esteem and motivation and developing more positive

Body Image.


Zuzanna Gajowiec

Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist

phone: 0857588915; email: zuzanna@psychologyhub.ie



Kate Mc Morrow


Kate is delighted to become part of the Lois Bridges team.  Kate earned her Master of Arts degree in Psychology & Counsellor Education while attending The University of Colorado.  Kate holds a unique certification in activity based therapies, integrating creative arts, movement, music, as well as elements of nature whenever possible.  Kate is currently working as a group therapist as well as well as counselling children, adolescents and adults privately.


Kate has a wide range of experience in the counselling field working in many different settings such as crisis centres, residential settings, community centres, schools, and nursing homes.  She has worked with people overcoming addiction, depression, anxiety among many other mental health, and life challenges


Kate’s counselling style models a very integrated approach, remaining as person centred, and humanistic as possible.  Kate is a big believer in the holistic approach to healing.  She is grateful to be living in Ireland, and looks forward to continuing her professional development here.



Liam Plant - MIACAT, MIACP, MBAAT, M.A. A.th, Dip. Gest.th, Ad.dip Supervision (Counselling and Psychotherapy)


Liam Plant is an Art Psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapist, and Counselling/Psychotherapy Supervisor practicing in Dublin since 1985. He is an accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a State Registered Art Therapist/Psychotherapist with the U.K. Health and Care Professions Council. Liam was a founding member of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

 Liam has worked with many client groups over the years including acute and long-term mental health service users, young persons, people with physical and intellectual disabilities and many counselling and psychotherapy students. In addition to his work with Lois Bridges Liam is currently working with individuals in private practice and with groups attending Cluain Mhuire Mental Health Day Services (St John of God Service).

Liam is an integrative therapist, which means he uses a variety of approaches in his work. Whatever the approach that is being followed though, Liam views the therapeutic alliance with the client as being central and fundamental to the therapy process.

Liam has also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, which he practices and integrates into his therapy work.



Aaron Pollock - Systemic Family Therapist


Aaron Pollock is a Systemic Family Therapist with a special interest in Eating Disorders. He works with individuals, couples, families and children. Aaron trained to Masters level at the Clanwilliam Institute in Dublin and is registered with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland (FTAI) and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP). Previously, Aaron has provided systemic psychotherapy for individuals and their family members in Genesis Psychotherapy Service, Hesed House (Psychotherapy Service) and within various schools in Dublin. Prior to this, Aaron worked with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) and within the disability sector in Melbourne, Australia.



Aileen Garrihy - Cognitive Analytic Therapist


Aileen Garrihy is a Cognitive Analytic Therapist having trained in the UK with the British Association of CAT. She originally trained as an Occupational Therapist in Trinity College Dublin and worked with people experiencing a broad range of mental health difficulties. In this time she found that she especially enjoyed working with people with eating disorders but felt that psychotherapy training was necessary to help her understand this complex illness better. CAT is a collaborative approach between therapist and client that seeks to understand the symptom or eating disorder and find new ways of managing the distress that underlies it in a compassionate non-judgemental way. Aileen is very enthusiastic and holds great hope for her clients in arriving at full recovery from their Eating Disorder.




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