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 Specialist Help and Treatment for Eating Disorders in Dublin

Eating Disorders Treatment Center



 Specialist Help and Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Treatment Center


Tel:(01) 839 6147  Fax: (01) 839 6959


Residential Program in Eating Disorders Treatment Center


We pride ourselves in our treatment approach as it involves an attitude of warmth, respect empathy and honesty at all times. The focus of  team is toward gaining an understanding of each individual thus helping to enhance their motivation to accept and deal with their Eating Disorder. Our team draw upon empirically supported treatment programmes such as the Maudsley Method and we adhere to the NICE Guidelines.


Our Programme is designed to meet the individual needs of the client and their family and incorporates the following therapies.


    ~Cognitive Analytical Therapy

    ~Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Enhanced

    ~Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

    ~Interpersonal Therapy

    ~Nutritional Therapy

    ~Motivational Enhancement Therapy

    ~Expressive mind and body therapies (Art, dance, music, yoga, meditation, tai chi)

    ~Guided Imagery Therapy

    ~Family Therapy

    ~Group Therapy

    ~Art Psychoterapy


    Group sessions take place daily and are educational and supportive in nature involving topics such as body image, food issues, weight issues, relationships, cookery and planning, recovery, pre and post meal groups, goals, assignment groups, entertainment groups, process groups, and many more. All groups are age appropriate and individual hobbies and interests are encouraged. Regular outings such as trips to Dublin, shopping, movies and eating out are all part of life at Lois Bridges. Every aspect of our programme is designed to provide clients with a lifestyle they can continue upon discharge.


The Individual needs of each person are continually assessed by the team at our weekly multi disciplinary Team meeting. The length of our residential program  depends upon each individual needs at the time of admission.


Initial assessment is carried out by our Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director Dr Máire McLoughlin

A designated therapist and key worker  is assigned to everyone who enters treatment. Individual therapy is highly valued at Lois Bridges. Our Nutritionist meets with each individual to discuss their nutritional requirements on admission.

On Completion of assessments the team together with the individual will meet to devise and discuss their treatment plan.

We provide a full aftercare programme that is individually designed based on each person’s needs and requirements at that time. We are committed to providing smooth transitions for every phase of recovery.


Referrals and further enquires to: 01-8396147 email: info@loisbridges.ie Web: www.loisbridges.ie





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