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Lois Bridges Eating Disorders Treatment Centre,

3 Greenfield Road, Sutton, Dublin 13.

Unannounced Mental Health Commission Inspection Report.

Published February 2019


26 compliances

Compliances and findings:  (Summary)

SAFETY IN LOIS BRIDGES: Risk assessments are fully complete, appropriate and implemented. Lois Bridges has policies and procedure that are followed, monitored and updated when needed. Lois Bridges has strict admission criteria that they uphold for safety reasons. Lois Bridges Eating Disorders Treatment Centre is safe. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT 

STAFFING: Appropriately qualified members of staff are on duty and in charge at all times. Staffing levels are safe. Staff have the appropriate qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience to do their job. Opportunities for staff to avail of further education are provided by Lois Bridges. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT

TRAINING AND EDUCATION OF STAFF: All staff are trained in required courses, further specialised training in Eating Disorders has been completed by all staff. Evidence of this is available. Staff are trained in Life support, Mental Health Act, Children first, MAPA and Fire safety. Furthermore, all staff have ongoing training in various areas of Mental Health eg. Alcohol dependency, esuicide talk (HSE) and specific training in Eating Disorders eg CBTE. Mental Health Nurses and Clinical Psychologists and Therapists have further training in Counselling, addictions, DBT, CBT, EMDR, Yoga and various other therapeutic interventions applicable to working with people with an Eating Disorder.   FINDINGS: COMPLIANT

APPROPRIATE CARE AND TREATMENT OF RESIDENTS: All residents have an up-to-date, appropriate individual care plan. Therapeutic services and programmes provided by Lois Bridges are evidence-based and reflected good practice. Clients spoken to during the inspection expressed their satisfaction and spoke positively about Lois Bridges programmes and staff. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT

RESPECT FOR CLIENTS’ PRIVACY AND AUTONOMY: Due regard to residents’ privacy and dignity is given at Lois Bridges. There is a visiting room which guarantees privacy and visiting times are flexible to suit the needs of clients and their loved ones. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT

RESPONSIVENESS TO CLIENTS’ NEEDS: A wide range of recreational activities are available. Staff encourage communication and attend local activities when suitable. There is access to free mobile phones and WiFi. Lois Bridges is well maintained, clean and with a pleasant private garden. Clients have their own bedroom, mainly ensuite. Information about treatment program, diagnosis and medication is freely available. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT

GOVERNANCE (MANAGEMENT) IN LOIS BRIDGES: Significant improvements have been made since the last inspection. Regular meetings take place with all staff and management. Ongoing improvements are made and discussed which have all significantly enhanced the service at Lois Bridges. FINDINGS: COMPLIANT


  1. Regulation 23- Ordering, prescribing, storing & administration of medicines. (Now rectified)
  2. Regulation 27- Maintenance of records (Now rectified)
  3. Code of Practice on Admission, Transfer and Discharge to and from an Approved Centre (Now rectified)

Reasons for non-compliances:

  1. Regulation 23- A) Instead of the word “MICROGRAMS” written on two patients’ medication document, the abbreviation “MCG” was written. B) One patient’s medication document did not have one medication that had been given signed for but was documented in their notes.


  1. Regulation 27- A) Clerical error: One client’s file contained another client’s blood result sheet. B) A policy didn’t explain how a client’s file is made up.


  1. A) The policy didn’t explain the discharge process of homeless people (even though Lois Bridges do not have homeless people in treatment). B) Audits had not been finished on the admission and transfer policies (although Lois Bridges do not have transfers).
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