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Lois Bridges Outpatient / After Care Programme


What We Offer

The Outpatient program is ongoing and adopts a flexible approach as we are aware that many clients have day to day commitments which they have to attend to.

Further outpatient services include:

  • Group After-Care
  • Individual psychotherapy (1:1)
  • Dietetic sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Private consultations

Testimonials from our clients

I leave here with a supportive team who can truly feel and viscerally understand the struggles of an eating disorder. I leave here knowing who I am and what I have the possibilities of achieving. I leave here confident in my body and soul. I have learned how to be self-compassionate.

Female, 23 year old client 

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Contact Us

Whether you are a client, family member or professional - do not hesitate to contact Lios Bridges

(01) 839 6147 / Director of Services - 0876539747

3 Greenfield Road, Sutton, Dublin 13

Testimonials from our clients

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care & compassion everyone at Lois Bridges has shown me. I will always be grateful for changing and healing my life.

Jane, 35 year old client 

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