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What We Offer

If you are considering Lois Bridges as a treatment option for your client’s Eating Disorder, the following are some important things for you to know:

If you have a client you think might need our service, please feel free to call our Director of Services, on 01 8396147 / Fax: 01 839 6959

Click here to download GP Referral Form to Lois Bridges

You can also give your client our contact information and suggest they call us to have their questions answered. There are a number of tests which we require from each client prior to admission. These can be carried out by their own GP or by our in-house GP.

We value the input of referring Physicians, Psychiatrists, Therapists and all past treatment professionals who are or have been involved in the client’s recovery process.

We often have a waiting list, so please check on the approximate wait for your client. [Note: It is always best to call in advance if you suspect a client will need our help, that way the wait will be limited]

If you would like to visit Lois Bridges at any time and meet with our Director of Services, we will be happy to arrange meeting and tour of our facility.

Contact us at: or call 01 839 6147 / Fax: 01 839 6959

Testimonials from our clients

I am so happy with my decision to come here. All the therapists are so helpful and understanding. They each understand Eds better than any other medical professional I have ever seen.

Female, 30 year old client 

All journeys must begin with a single step - Call us on (01) 839 6147

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Whether you are a client, family member or professional - do not hesitate to contact Lios Bridges

(01) 839 6147 / Director of Services - 0876539747

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