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“Galway parents forced to pay over €26,000 for daughter’s anorexia treatment”

She is now in the Lois Bridges facility in Dublin, a private treatment centre, after she deteriorated very rapidly last November. Her mother, Suzanne, told…

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“Amazing transformation of anorexic survivor who nearly died”

Paula Walsh, whose BMI is at a dangerously low 13.9, has been refused funding for specialist treatment despite the lack of support available within the…

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“Dublin Woman Amanda Lynch reveals how anorexia took over her life”

Amanda Lynch was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa eight years ago. The Dublin womans’ condition escalated so quickly, it cost her her dream career…

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“What lies beneath: The difficulty of facing up to an eating disorder”

It’s damaging to have too strict a definition of an eating disorder. So says Molly Twomey, a 22-year-old student who has blogged about her experience of…

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“Specialist Care Centre of the Year Winners” – Irish Healthcare Awards, 2017

TWENTY-six-year-old Danny Keane, from Cork, was a world champion Irish dancer in his late teens when he first started to lose weight. I was 19 and I was…

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“Fat Talk” is Causing Eating Disorders in our young people”

‘FAT talk’, ‘college stress’ and ‘social media’ are triggering eating disorders in young adults, say leading experts at Ireland’s only purpose-built residential…

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“You can get your life back after anorexia”

Danny was known as a bigger dancer but didn’t want to lose weight. When he started intensifying his training and his healthy diet, he began losing weight…

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“Treating causes, not Symptoms”

Aoife Connors speaks to Prof James Lock, Director of the Stanford Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Programme, about the importance of residential…

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“True Life: My Dream is to one day win my 16 year battle with food”

Words tumble over each other as Nicola starts talking. Bright, articulate and aware, the 31-year-old describes the 16-year-long hell of her eating disorder…

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“Lois Bridges- Treating the causes, not the symptoms”

LOIS BRIDGES will be the first dedicated residential treatment centre for eating disorders in Ireland when it opens its doors in Sutton, Dublin, today…

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