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My health hero is my dietitian Harriette Lynch

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We were thrilled and also extremely humbled this week when we received a fabulous email from Irish Times journalist Sylvia Thompson stating that one of our consultant dietitian’s, Harriette Lynch was nominated for the Irish Times Health Hero slot.

The health professionals at healthpro are always passionate in helping their clients reach their best potential. They do it naturally as part of their practice. So, when you receive an email like the one Harriette received we were left speachless, humbled and WOWed

Below is the script of what Harriette recevied from Sylvia on the 15th May 2018.

Congratulations Harriette.





Irish Times Health Hero nomination script:

“My health hero is my dietician, Hariette Lynch. I am from XXXX but i travel every two weeks to Dublin to see her. I honestly believe that I would be dead without her. I am in recovery from anorexia nervosa and Hariette works relentlessly alongside me. She is the only dieitican I have met that works with the emotional side of eating. She understands that eating disorders are not just about weight and food. She is a strong woman who set up her own business and had a baby daughter last year. She works with Lois Bridges, an eating disorder center in Sutton where she saves lives on a weekly basis. She takes no whinging and I leave every appointment feeling empowered to make changes. She has encouraged  me to wear dresses, say yes to things I would never have before, such as meeting a friend for a coffee date. She has helped me, day by day, through email and the phone to attempt to rebuild my life. Anorexia is a horrific disease and it will try to steal every last inch of you, Hariette helps me to see that I matter and one day I hope to be half as strong and courageous as she is. it takes an incredible human to fight a horrendous disease and she is helping me to become incredible”. (healthpro client, 2018)

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