Lois Bridges Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Eating Disorder Treatment & Recovery at Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges are a leading provider of eating disorder treatment in Ireland.  Lois Bridges is located right in the heart of North Dublin and is a leading treatment centre, offering high quality residential and outpatient treatment for a wide range of eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Eating disorder treatment involves monitoring a person’s physical health while helping them deal with the underlying psychological causes of their eating disorder. Lois Bridges is dedicated to delivering individually tailored quality care and treatment to males and females with eating disorders. Recovery from an eating disorder is possible, although it does take time. It is important that the person affected wants to get better, and the support of family and friends is invaluable.

Our eating disorder treatments (whether for anorexia treatment, bulimia treatment or not otherwise specified eating disorder treatment), are based on current clinical evidence and put into practice by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of consultant psychiatrists, dietitians, specialist therapists including psychologists, cognitive behavioural therapists, family therapists and occupational therapists and the eating disorder nursing team.

Lois Bridges Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The Lois Bridges team will work in partnership with you, helping you recover and reach your goals while offering intensive psychological and emotional support through group therapy sessions, individual counselling, psychotherapy, individual key worker nursing sessions, dietary guidance and family therapy.

Eating disorders can be psychologically and physically damaging and can have a profoundly negative impact on multiple areas of your life. However, the good news is that eating disorders are treatable, and it’s possible for people to make a full recovery from these debilitating conditions. At Lois Bridges, we ensure that all treatment is individually tailored according to your personal needs, in order to produce the most positive outcomes for you, and empower you to take steps towards a full and lasting recovery. The quicker you seek support, the more likely you are to overcome your eating disorder and return to a healthy, fulfilling, and positive way of life.

Lois Bridges Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Lois Bridges is widely regarded as Ireland’s most specialist provider of intensive residential and outpatient treatment for individuals of varied ages. Our staff are experts in their field with many years experience who are able to draw on a wide range of therapeutic interventions, and approaches to suit individual needs. The philosophy at Lois Bridges is that all clients are unique and will be treated with respect and dignity. The general goal of therapy is that we work collaboratively to help people develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body and food.

For details of how Lois Bridges can provide you with assistance regarding eating disorder treatment, please call (01) 839 6147 or click here 

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